Weilong Wine Company

Mr CRISP (Mildura) — It was my pleasure to attend the earth-turning ceremony for the Weilong winery project at Yatpool last week. The Weilong Wine Company was represented by the company president, Mr Wang. Weilong Wine Company is one of the three largest wine companies in China, and it is planning a staged investment of $110 million in the construction of a new winery. To my knowledge this is the first major investment in a winery project in south-eastern Australia for a very long time. Weilong's confidence in the Australian wine industry comes after a very long period of great challenges in the wine industry in the Mildura region. The winery hopes to receive its first grapes in the 2019 vintage and grow to employ 60 full-time workers and 40 casuals during vintage.

I thank the president of the Weilong Wine Company, Mr Wang, for attending the ceremony and his generous words. This investment will boost confidence in both our wine industry and the Mildura region. I would also like to thank Bruno Zappia for a decade of work to see the Weilong winery established in Mildura.

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