Labor rorting

Labor Rorting Continues To Discredit Government

Today’s Parliamentary sitting showed the Andrews Labor Government is in complete disarray following the mounting rorting scandals dogging its MPs, Member for Mildura Peter Crisp says.

Question Time in the House of Representatives erupted into chaos multiple times, while the Liberals and Nationals made it clear they would stand up, on behalf of all Victorians, to Daniel Andrews and his Labor MPs who have been rorting the system.

“First we had allegations of Labor using taxpayer-funded entitlements to staff their 2014 election campaign,” Mr Crisp said.

“Then we had a Cabinet minister using a taxpayer-funded vehicle to chauffer his dogs across the state.

“Now we have the Speaker and Deputy Speaker rorting their parliamentary allowances.”

Former Speaker of the House of Representatives Telmo Languiller and former Deputy Speaker Don Nardella resigned their posts at the weekend after their rorting scandals were exposed.

Daniel Andrews today dumped Mr Nardella from the Labor Party after he refused to pay back more than $100,000 he owed to tax payers.

“A key role of the Speaker and Deputy Speaker is to uphold the dignity and integrity of the Victorian Parliament,” Mr Crisp said.

“They have shown blatant disregarded for this and a blatant disregard for the Victorian taxpayer.

“And so has the Premier, who is continuing to let his MPs flout the system – all while Victoria experiences an unprecedented law and order crisis and increasing costs of living.

“Daniel Andrews must clean up his act and govern for all Victorians, not just his mates.”


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