Hoon Vehicles

CRISP (Mildura) —  I raise a matter for the Minister for Police. The action I seek is for the minister to make vehicles confiscated under hoon legislation available to TAFE colleges' automotive training workshops. Hoon drivers who lose their cars have them either crushed or passed on to the State Emergency Service (SES) for training. The SES offer a very valuable service with their road crash rescue units, and it is a service that has saved many lives over the years. The SES is another valuable volunteer organisation. I have also seen over the years cars used by the SES for training, and I have even been cut out of one on a demonstration day.

However, back to our TAFE college needs. I received a letter from Terry Sparrow, who is the education business manager of automotive engineering at Sunraysia TAFE. He writes:

As you are well aware TAFE institutes have come across hard times recently and we are now in a position locally where many of the vehicles that we work on are outdated or simply no longer suitable to work on. Many times capital equipment money excludes the purchase of vehicles so as you can see this leaves the automotive department in quite a dilemma especially when funds are tight.

He wonders if it would be better, instead of crushing hoon vehicles, to donate them to TAFE institutes to help train apprentices and full-time students. I think this is a great idea from Mr Sparrow, particularly because they could use these vehicles that have been confiscated for educational purposes and for training people. Perhaps when the TAFE colleges are finished with such vehicles they could pass them on to the SES for training purposes. There is a real opportunity here to assist our TAFEs in keeping their training stock up to date and in continuing to give our country people in particular the skills they need to seek the jobs they want in the automotive industry. This is an opportunity for us to make a difference and to turn an idiot act into something of benefit to our community.

Together we can make a difference

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