Australia Day

Australia Day is a day to spend time with family and friends, to recognise the volunteers in our community and to reflect on our unique a way of life and national character according to Member for Mildura, Peter Crisp MP.

Mr Crisp said local Australia Day events were being held in towns across the Mildura electorate, providing an opportunity to welcome new citizens and celebrate everything that is great about Australia.

“Citizens of the Year will also be recognised across our electorate. These people have worked tirelessly to make our region a better place to live, and to all those who have been nominated, I congratulate you on your dedication to our communities.”

“These events are a chance to celebrate the people who make our region special; and to welcome new Australians who are going to make our community even stronger.

“Australia Day is for all Australians, no matter where our personal stories began, to reflect on being Australian, celebrate our way of life and acknowledge our history.

“Enjoy your Australia Day whether than means putting a sausage on the barbie, attending a public event or simply getting together with family and friends.” Mr Crisp said.

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