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A Zero Tolerance Approach to all Crimes

Nationals Member for Mildura, Peter Crisp, has delivered a strong message of zero tolerance to those with intent to steal fuel.

Mr Crisp applauded today’s announcement by the Liberal National Coalition that fuel drive-offs would be treated as a criminal matter under a Coalition Government from 1 July 2019.

“Stealing petrol is a crime,” Mr Crisp said.

“The Liberal-Nationals are determined to see a sense of safety returned to our communities, and treating fuel drive-offs as a criminal matter is another step in the right direction.

Victorians will have a very clear choice at the next election of more of the softly-softly approach on law and order from the Premier for Melbourne Daniel Andrews, or a real crack down on violent crime and assault in our communities.”

The key points of the Liberal-Nationals policy announced today include:

 Work with Victoria Police so that all fuel drive-offs with non-innocent, criminal intent will be treated as criminal theft offences and not as civil matters.

 Work with Victoria Police to recommit to the presumption that all fuel drive-offs are initially investigated as criminal offences

 A “zero-tolerance” investigatory and enforcement regime to be established

 A Victoria Police centrally administered fuel drive-off/theft online reporting system to be developed and introduced

 Introduction of a new specific Victoria offence code, to the Crimes Act 1958 offence of theft, detailing “fuel drive-off”

 The establishment of an improved information sharing interface system or virtual “stolen plate clearing house” between Victoria Police and VicRoads

 Work with industry to continue to implement improved security and video surveillance measures

 The establishment of a taskforce to oversee the implementation and ongoing effectiveness of these reforms.

Mr Crisp said the Liberal-Nationals policy announcement today is another step in delivering long overdue legislative reform to address crime rates in the Mildura electorate and restore honesty and respect to our rural communities.

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